L3Harris Technologies has secured an order to provide prototype eye-safe laser range finders (LRF) for the US Army’s Abrams Gunner’s Primary Sight.

The latest order was awarded by the US Army through the other transaction authority (OTA) competitive procurement process.

It includes confirmation of design and environmental testing, as well as test sets that allow for government qualification.

L3Harris will provide the LRFs in support of the Abrams tank System Enhancement Package version 4.

According to the company, the range finders allow the operator to establish ranges from inside the tank under battlefield conditions such as fog, smoke, dust, sand and haze.

The LRF offers enhanced standoff range capabilities as it is capable of accurately measuring distance with pointing stability.

L3Harris electro-optical president Murali Krishnan said: “Our design produces improved beam quality with more efficiency while providing critical accuracy.

“Our investments in the technology have led to a ruggedised sight with higher reliability and integration in current and future vehicles while providing an overall better value for the army.”

L3Harris said that its Gunner’s Primary Sight eye-safe LRF has been developed based on previous lessons and ongoing investments.

Currently, the company is working on the Commander’s Primary Sight eye-safe LRF.

The company noted that there is planned similarity between Gunner’s Primary Sight eye-safe LRF and Commander’s Primary Sight eye-safe LRF.

This commonality has helped simplify logistics and decreased the US Army’s total ownership cost.

Furthermore, it paves way for ‘integration’ into current Armoured Brigade Combat Teams and new-start vehicle programmes.

Earlier this month, L3Harris Technologies signed a definitive agreement to divest its military training business to CAE for a cash consideration of $1.05bn.