Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA) has achieved a milestone with the delivery of the 20,000th Protector Remote Weapon Station (RWS) to the US Army.

So far, the company has handed over more than 17,000 stations were delivered to the US.

The system can be integrated with weapons ranging from 5.56mm rifles to 30mm cannons and other platforms.

The 20,000th delivery is a Protector Low Profile. It will be installed on the US Army’s M1V3 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT).

Production teams in Kongsberg, Norway, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US, are involved in the production of the system along with a team of over 200 engineers for the development of the RWS.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Land Systems executive vice-president Pål Bratlie said: “Kongsberg is proud to be the world’s leader in remote weapon station technology and related technology integration such as battlefield management and control of unmanned platforms.

“Our product’s maturity is far beyond just being a concept, the Protector has millions of hours of operational experience with militaries around the world.

“Kongsberg is leading the development of wireless and remotely controlled weapon systems, integrated on manned and unmanned vehicles, enabling capabilities that will secure our soldiers mission and safety to an even greater extent.”

The company has sold the Protector RWS to 23 countries, including Norway and the UK.

The Norwegian Armed Forces has been using the system since 1999.

In July, KDA secured a contract to deliver RL542A Nato Band IV Radio Link, a Flexible High Capacity Radio Link (FHCL), to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

In April, the Lithuanian Armed Forces was set to receive Protector RWS from KDA.