Kollsman has received a prototype project agreement for the US Army’s Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture (MDUSA) targeting system project.

The company was awarded the prototype project through the Sensors Communications and Electronics Consortium (SCEC) other transaction agreement (OTA).

Kollsman is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America, which supplies technology-based systems for customers in defence, homeland security, and commercial aviation domains.

The agreement will support the development of the MDUSA targeting system.

Kollsman’s prototype solution will provide the capability for dismounted soldiers to counter targets with handheld targeting.

The small, modular, lightweight system will also help enhance situational awareness.

Key components of the MDUSA prototype project include a handheld target locator module, precision azimuth and vertical angle module, a laser marker designator and tripod.

The solution will provide advantages such as greater target acquisition ranges and reduced time to acquisition.

Forward Observers will be able to adapt to new threats quickly.

Elbit Systems of America said that the solution ‘also aligns with the US Army’s modernisation efforts by enhancing lethality effects from the sensor to the shooter’.

Elbit Systems of America Ground Combat & Precision Targeting Solutions vice-president Ridge Sower said: “Our MDUSA prototype solution provides revolutionary advancements from current targeting products and equips US Army Forward Observers with information needed to dominate the battlefield.

“This next-generation system performs in GPS-denied and other contested environments, offering increased situational awareness in all battlefield environments.”