KBR has demonstrated the capabilities of the Directed Energy Manoeuvre-Short Range Air Defense (DE M-SHORAD) during Combat Shoot-Off (CSO) for the US Army.

The CSO provided a training opportunity for US Army soldiers to operate and get familiarised with the new defensive weapon.

During the event, soldiers executed a series of vignettes that were designed to mimic realistic threats and combat scenarios.

The laser-equipped Stryker showcased its capabilities, and ability to manoeuvre and employ multiple targets at several ranges using advanced technologies.

The CSO took place in July at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, US.

During the demonstration, soldiers were educated on how to operate the DE M-SHORAD vehicle using immersive virtual training designed by KBR.

KBR Government Solutions president Byron Bright said: “The successful execution of the DE M-SHORAD system represents a major step forward in getting this state-of-the-art capability to our soldiers on the ground, in line with the US Army’s modernisation strategy for air and missile defence.

“In under two years, the programme has rapidly progressed from design to integration and now performing in an operational environment, which is a tremendous accomplishment.”

KBR subsidiary Kord is the primary contractor and lead integrator for the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) DE M-SHORAD programme.

US Army’s Army Rapid Capabilities Office Strategic Communications member Nancy Jones-Bonbrest reported that the weapon system demonstrated the design characteristics and performance criteria established for the RCCTO programme.

RCCTO noted that the programme is still underway to deliver four laser-equipped Strykers by the end of FY22.

DE M-SHORAD is a 50kW-class high energy laser that can deliver sustained counter-uncrewed aircraft systems (C-UAS) and counter-rocket, artillery, mortar (C-RAM) firepower to the modern battlefield.

The prototype is expected to be fielded in FY22.

In October last year, KBR completed the acquisition of Centauri, a US-based company that provides high-end engineering, intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions.