Iveco Defence Vehicles has received a contract to supply 1,275 medium multirole protected vehicles to the Dutch Armed Forces.

The contract was awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Defence under its initiative to replace wheeled vehicles across the defence sector.

Under the contract, Iveco Defence Vehicles will deliver the vehicles from 2022 until 2026.

Denominated as ‘12kN’, the medium tactical vehicle (MTV) provides high tactical 4×4 mobility and off-road capabilities.

Iveco Defence Vehicles’ MTV will also provide the armed forces with improved crew protection and payload capability.

The vehicle is designed to enable modularity and system integration. The company offers the MTV in multiple variants, including soft top, hard top, pick up, casualty transport and personnel transport.

MTVs can be used by the army, airforce, navy, marines, special operational units and military police.

While designing the multirole protected vehicle, the company focused on delivering a platform with characteristics such as reliability, ease of maintenance and low maintenance costs over its lifecycle.

The Dutch Army already operates the Iveco Stralis 6×2 long haulage lorries. The company also delivered the Trakker Hi-Land 8×8 vehicles for the army’s fire department and the EuroCargo 4×4 military trucks to the Dutch Marines.

In a statement, Iveco Defence Vehicles said: “This award represents an important milestone in the consolidation of the strategic partnership between the Dutch MoD and Iveco Defence Vehicles, confirming once again the leadership of the company in the multirole vehicle segment for defence and homeland security missions.”

The company’s range of multirole vehicles includes light multirole vehicle (LMV), military utility vehicle (MUV) and medium protected vehicle (MPV).

The MPV range is in service with the UK, German and Swiss armies.