The Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD) has selected Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) as the prime contractor for the Carmel future armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) programme.

The selection follows a live demonstration of a two-man crew, closed hatches AFV by IAI.

The next phase of the Carmel includes the development, integration and demonstration of technologies for a multidimensional combat team.

This development will be based on an AFV comprising two crew members operating several systems, alongside integrated autonomous, air, and land platforms.

This enables enhancement in the system’s manoeuvrability.

During the Carmel demonstration, IAI’s AFV demonstrated that the vehicle can manage the current and future challenges on the battlefield.

This AFV solution for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is based on automatic and autonomous systems that can operate the central subsystems.

Through rapid acquisition and effective engagement of targets, the system can locate and destroy time-sensitive targets.

In August 2019, Elbit Systems demonstrated its AFV solution for the Carmel future combat vehicle project of the Israeli MoD.

IAI president and CEO Boaz Levy said: “We are very proud that the IMoD and the Land Forces Division selected the Carmel solution presented and developed by IAI.

“The central principles behind the company’s concept of land combat include intelligence gathering and acquisition of targets in the battlefield, conducted autonomously.

“The Carmel solution, as demonstrated by IAI, brings to the world of land combat the concept of system of systems championed by IAI, and includes a combination of capabilities, systems, ground-breaking innovation and connection to the world of artificial intelligence as an additional strategic capability the IDF can use in the future battlefield.”

Central technologies that IAI is developing for land manoeuvring forces include command system, situational awareness system, lethality system, mobility system, and operations system.