Israel’s Rafael unveils new long range missile system
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Israel’s Rafael unveils new long range missile system

01 Jul 2021 (Last Updated July 1st, 2021 11:39)

Sea Breaker is capable of surgical, pin-point precision strikes from stand-off ranges of up to 300km.

Israel’s Rafael unveils new long range missile system
Sea Breaker is a fifth-generation long-range, autonomous, precision-guided missile system capable of hitting maritime and land-based targets. Credit: RAFAEL.

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has introduced a fifth-generation long-range autonomous precision-guided missile system called Sea Breaker.

The missile system is designed to destroy maritime and land-based targets from stand-off ranges of up to 300km.

According to the company, Sea Breaker was developed to address an operational gap in maritime dominance and deep land strike systems through a single platform.

The system is equipped with an advanced imaging infra-red (IIR) seeker to engage stationary or moving maritime and land targets in a variety of operational scenarios, including advanced Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) arenas.

Additionally, Sea Breaker leverages artificial intelligence to carry out deep-learning and big data-based scene-matching for automatic target acquisition (ATA) and automatic target recognition (ATR).

Rafael further said that the missile system is ECM immune and jam-resilient, and can operate in GNSS-denied arenas in all weather conditions.

The missile’s manoeuvring capabilities enable it to avoid obstacles during flight while its datalink system provides it with tactical updates from the operator.

Sea Breaker can be launched from different naval platforms, including fast attack missile boats, corvettes and frigates. Rafael’s SPYDER launchers will be used to fire the land variant.

In a statement, Rafael said: “Flying at high subsonic speeds, Sea Breaker has a multi-directional, synchronised full sphere attack capability, based on predefined attack plans, according to waypoints, azimuth, impact angle and aim point selection, ensuring a high probability of mission success, with a 250lb penetration, blast and fragmentation warhead, making a single hit effective enough to neutralise a frigate-sized ship.”

The missile also has a mid-flight abort capability and offers battle damage assessment (BDA).