Inovytec announced that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed a lightweight tactical ventilator, the Ventway Sparrow MIL Standard model.

The design of the model offers increased mobility and robustness and provides high-performance ventilation to troops in forward combat environments.

Ventway was put through the preliminary evaluation during the presentations at International Conference on Emergency, Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED) on 16 November and at Defense Tech Connect from 17 to 19 November.

The collaboration at DiMiMED was presented by IDF Medical Corps lieutenant colonel Raphael Gerasi.

He noted that the Ventway provided the ‘balance of portability, automation and toughness required to improve the standard of care in combat medicine’.

Inovytec used an ultra-miniature manifold for all the electro-mechanical components, which helped in achieving the reduction of the parameters.

Featuring a miniaturised turbine and an externally located PEEP valve, the Ventway military model weighs 1.3kg and is compatible with night vision.

The turbine re-routes air to the cooling fins using an efficient cooling system.

Additionally, it can operate at altitudes of around 25,000t to address the needs of the military.

The design of the ventilator is said to reduce maintenance costs and procedures that are typically needed for most ventilators.

Inovytec CEO and co-founder Udi Kantor said: “The most prominent electrical ventilators used in military environments are large, heavy or limited in ventilation capability.

“The development of a tactical ventilator was a top priority for our company and the collaboration with the IDF Medical Corps enabled the Ventway to meet existing field-combat medical needs.

“The Ventway Sparrow was developed in conjunction with combat medics and engineers to assure high-level treatment under the harshest conditions. It allows for hospital-level care in the field and will help save lives.”