The Israel Ministry of Defence has selected Cognata’s simulation authoring software, in a bid to support the training and testing of military autonomous vehicles (AVs) in different terrains.

The move will involve integrating Cognata software into Israel Defence Forces (IDF) technology, to expedite algorithm safety and readiness.

Cognata offers a realistic simulation and testing platform for AVs and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

According to the company, the off-road simulation is designed to test, train, and validate perception and control challenges for difficult terrains. These include situations such as when there is no clear road, or one with challenging conditions.

The testing solution can help in reducing the lengthy verification and validation process, and compress the AI/ML training time to months.

Cognata CEO Danny Atsmon said: “Cognata is proud to be chosen and work with the Ministry of Defence, supporting and accelerating the IDF development needs.

“Highly accurate and scalable simulation technology is essential to validate autonomous vehicles in general, and algorithm safety and readiness specifically, within the nearly infinite combinations of real-world scenarios.

“Cognata’s technology rapidly creates novel visualisation and synthetic environment approaches, to enable improved AI/ML training, that increases reliability, reduces human error in critical mission tasks, and positively impacts trust in human-machine teaming.”

IDF Robotics Systems Knowledge Leader major Vladimir Vakulin said: “We carefully inspected several simulation providers, and were impressed with Cognata’s high-quality standards.”

“We are looking forward to a productive algorithm development process, towards IDF excellency.”

In December last year, Allison Transmission was selected, by the Israeli Ministry of Defence, to support the latter’s future infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).