Industry partners have flight tested the Javelin anti-tank, guided munition weapon system on board Oshkosh Defense’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

The demonstration also involved the firing of Northrup Grumman’s lightweight 30mm cannon from a Kongsberg remote weapon station on a JLTV.

Tests were performed at the Redstone Test Center in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, US.

Oshkosh Defense vice-president and joint programmes general manager George Mansfield said: “This successful demonstration further solidifies the importance of the JLTV’s position within the current combat fleet formation.

“The JLTV is the only light tactical vehicle on the field today that can manoeuvre within combat formations, hauling critical weaponry and equipment quickly across complex terrain, all while keeping our troops safe and protected.”

The Javelin infantry surveillance and anti-armour weapon system is manufactured by the Javelin Joint Venture, a collaboration between Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

Javelin provides a fire-and-forget, medium-range missile and is in use with the US Army, US Marine Corps and several international customers.

The system is designed to offer enhanced situational awareness and lethality against a range of targets, including armoured vehicles, bunkers and caves.

Designed by Oshkosh Defense, the JLTV is intended to replace a significant number of the US Army’s existing high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles (Humvee).

The JLTV comes in different variants, including a utility vehicle with two doors, a general-purpose variant, a weapon carrier for combat requirements, and a heavy gun carrier.

The vehicle can be equipped with armament and communication systems.

Earlier this week, the army approved for Oshkosh to proceed with the full-rate production of the JLTV programme.