Indra has developed a lightweight and portable electronic defence system, which is designed to allow soldiers to easily gather intelligence from enemy radars.

Incorporated into a backpack instead of being installed in fixed locations, the manpack defence system provides soldiers with the most advanced radar-band analysis capacities to help them recognise the position of enemy air defence systems, aircraft, vessels or vehicles.

The reduced size and weight of the new Indra system makes it easy for a single individual to carry the equipment easily.

In addition, the equipment enables the soldier to easily move across mountainous and steep areas that are often inaccessible to vehicles and approach the target area to gather intelligence without being detected.

The system has the ability to scan any radar signal and analyse its characteristics to find out how the enemy uses its surveillance systems and ways to neutralise them.

“Information is sent to the command centre for planning and oversight, providing soldiers with a major tactical advantage over the enemy.”

Algorithms of the defence system incorporate advanced artificial intelligence techniques to learn the ways to characterise radar pulses with enhanced accuracy. This enables operation in dense electromagnetic environments and identifying the most effective countermeasures.

The manpack system is capable of exchanging data in real-time with other units, facilitating the development of an electronic defence network.

Following this, the information is sent to the command centre for planning and oversight. This provides the soldiers with a major tactical advantage over the enemy.

Information gathered by soldiers can be used to prevent efforts of enemy radars and help countermeasure teams blind or deceive hostile systems by disrupting their signals.