The Indian Army is reportedly planning to acquire additional Excalibur precision-guided ammunition for M-777 Ultra-Light Howitzer guns from the US.

The decision to order more ammunition comes after the Government of India permitted the purchase of weapons under emergency procurements amid the India-China dispute in Ladakh.

During a 11-hour meeting held between India and China held earlier this week, the two parties reached mutual consensus on the disengagement of forces along the border.

Under fast track procedures, the Indian Armed Forces have received financial support of up to $66.23m to acquire the required weapon systems.

Once delivered, the procurement is expected to increase army mission readiness.

The new capability, which was inducted last year, will allow the defence forces to hit targets with accuracy at long distances.

The Indian Army tested it during a training procedure at Pokhran late last year.

An undisclosed defence source was quoted by ANI as saying: “Now the financial powers have been again given to the armed forces and there are plans to place repeat orders for the Excalibur ammunition used by the Ultra-Light Howitzers, which can be deployed with ease on high altitude mountains.”

In May-June last year, the Indian Armed Forces were given similar financial powers after the Uri attack and the Balakot operations against Pakistan.