The Indian Army has reportedly announced that the new self-contained fighting units, referred to as ‘integrated battle groups (IBGs)’ will become operational soon.

These IBGs are created to quickly mobilise launch strikes against enemies, reported the Times of India (TOI).

Each of the battle groups will include nearly 5,000 soldiers and integration of land platforms such as infantry, tanks, artillery and other defence capabilities.

The initial lot of IBGs are expected to enter service by early next year.

In a report, TOI stated that the concept has suffered some delay due to the ongoing pandemic and military confrontation with rival China.

Indian Army chief general MM Naravane was quoted by TOI as saying: “Creation of IBGs is a logical step towards our operational thought process on how to conduct future operations in an integrated all-arms paradigm.

“The process of ‘IBG-isation’ is well underway and in-house deliberations are being carried out to evolve force structures proficient in fighting and winning future wars.

“The changing character of warfare, revolution in military affairs (RMA) and the extant/future threats to our active borders emphasise the requirement for faster application of forces.

“Technological advancements also necessitate a change in the concept of warfighting and organisational structures.”

In a separate development, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved the proposals concerning the modernisation of the army’s air defence guns.

Under the Buy & Make (Indian) category, the air defence guns and ammunition will be procured at a cost of around Rs60bn (approximately $822m).

Furthermore, ‘the timelines for progressing urgent Capital Acquisitions under the delegated powers to the Armed Forces’ have been extended to up to 31 August this year.