The Indian and British Armies have commenced a joint exercise, Ajeya Warrior, at Chaubatia, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

The exercise is aimed at developing inter-operability and mutual sharing of expertise with friendly countries.

The latest exercise is the sixth edition of the India – UK Joint Company Level Military Training and will run until 20 October.

During this exercise, the Indian Army’s Infantry Company and an equivalent counterpart from the UK Army will share their expertise gained individually during several overseas military operations.

The exercise will witness the mutual sharing of experiences of both armies.

Under the training, armies of the two countries would acquaint themselves with each other’s weapons and equipment.

Both the UK and India would also familiarise their techniques and procedures to execute joint military drills.

According to a press statement released by the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD), the exercise involves a set of ‘Expert Academic Discussions’ on different subjects of mutual interest.

These subjects include combined arms concept, operation logistics, sharing of experiences in joint force and many others.

The military drill would come to an end with a two-day exercise to evaluate the armies’ performance in conducting joint operations in a semi-urban condition.

MoD stated: “This joint military training will go a long way in improving bilateral relations and also will be a major step towards further strengthening the traditional bond of friendship between the two nations.”

In August 2011, the Indian and the UK armies completed Ajeya Warrior exercise in the middle of the Salisbury Plain training area in the UK.