The Indian Armed Forces has selected Saab’s AT4 weapon system, through a competitive bidding process, for a single-shot weapon.

Swedish FFV Ordnance AB, which manages Saab’s ground combat offer in India, signed the contract. 

Saab noted that the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force will use the AT4 weapon system, and said that the Indian Armed Forces is AT4’s new customer.

The latest order includes the AT4CS AST, which can be fired from complex environments such as inside buildings, bunkers, and other urban spaces.

According to Saab, the AT4CS AST provides a tandem warhead with a breach/blast mode.

The weapon system is designed to defeat enemies within buildings, and damage building structures to create a point of access into them.

Saab Dynamics business area head Görgen Johansson said: “We are honoured that the Indian Armed Forces, which are already users of our Carl-Gustaf system, have also selected Saab for their single-shot weapon.

“The Indian Army and Indian Air Force can be confident in the knowledge that they have the necessary firepower to give them the advantage.”

The AT4 is operated by a single soldier and has a 84mm calibre warhead. It has demonstrated efficacy against structures, armoured vehicles, personnel, landing craft, and helicopters.

In July 2020, Saab won a Skr930m ($100m) contract order from the US Army for the delivery of the Carl-Gustaf ammunition weapon system and AT4 systems.