Indian and the Philippines officials are reportedly negotiating the price terms of a potential sale of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile to the Philippines.

The two countries are looking to finalise a deal for the purchase of the cruise missile in 2020, The Hindustan Times reported citing people familiar with the matter.

If a deal is sealed, it would represent a significant achievement for the BrahMos missile, which is developed jointly by India and Russia.

The Philippines would become the first nation to purchase the missile if the two parties manage to strike an agreement.

Talks will focus on the cost of the contract and the number of missiles to be procured.

The Government of the Philippines is keen on procuring the land-based version of the missile.

The land-based weapon system features global positioning system and inertial navigation system. It includes a mobile command post that controls four to six mobile autonomous launchers.

An unidentified source was quoted by the publication as saying: “As far as the Philippines Army is concerned, the consensus on the BrahMos system is a done deal. Now, it’s all about the price negotiations and we hope the deal will be finalised next year.

“Various options are being looked at, whether it should be internal funding or a preferential loan, and whether there will be some preferential terms offered for the sale. The cost will determine how many systems are bought.”

The missiles will be used for the Philippines Army’s first land-based missile system battery.

The BrahMos land-variant was displayed at an expo in Manila last week.

India is also looking to sell the missile to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, among others.