Immersive Labs has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to enhance the capabilities of the country’s armed forces to counter modern cyber threats.

This work is performed as part of the MoD’s new Digital Skills for Defence programme.

As part of the effort, the company has deployed its latest technology solutions, including Cyber Pro, Crisis Sim, and AppSec, to train and upskill the British Armed Forces against the latest cyber threats.

The latest milestone comes after The British Army successfully completed the trial of the three solutions.

UK MoD Cyber Defence and Risk director Christine Maxwell said: “We have chosen Immersive Labs to help our teams build vital skills to confront emerging threats and demonstrate their cyber resilience.

“As teams complete labs, we will be able to identify personnel within our organisation who demonstrate skills needed to fill cybersecurity gaps.”

The company said that the MoD’s initiative focuses on delivering Suitably Qualified Experienced Person capabilities to all the personnel from different services including UK Royal Air Force , Navy, Army, Strategic Command, and Civil Service.

The associated personnel will be provided with access to approximately 1,800 realistic simulations, as well as hands-on cybersecurity laboratories to train them in making timely decisions against the latest cyber threats.

The qualified and upskilled personnel will then be selected by the MoD to undertake different roles such as cyber management, operations, and maintenance.

MoD Functional Integration director Claire Fry said: “The Digital Skills for Defence programme is crucial in our drive to provide the right digital skills and capabilities across Defence to take advantage of the opportunity brought about by the ever-increasing pace of technological change.”