Honeywell has agreed to demonstrate its new T55-GA-714C engine on the US Army’s CH-47F Chinook helicopter.

The test flight will be conducted at Fort Eustis in Newport News, Virginia. The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center will oversee the demo.

The upgraded 6,000-horsepower T55-GA-714C engine is 25% powerful than the existing T55 engine and also burns reduced fuel.

The trial will allow Honeywell to show that the engine can be fitted easily on the helicopter. It will also prove that the new compressor design of the engine offers extra performance and lowers fuel consumption.

The demonstration will be carried out as part of the Cooperation Research and Development Agreement process with the US Army.

Honeywell Aerospace Engines and Power Systems president Dave Marinick said: “Honeywell has spent years designing and developing the T55-GA-714C engine as part of our commitment to push the T55’s power beyond the needs of the Chinook helicopter.

“For 60 years, we’ve powered the world’s most premier heavy-lift helicopter, and this latest improvement increases performance while saving important programme dollars and maintenance hours as well as increasing mission readiness.”

According to the company, the new T55-GA-714C engine will improve the heavy-lift, twin-engine Chinook helicopter’s ability to lift troops and heavy cargo.

Designed based on the current T55 version, the new engine features the same intake, exhaust and engine airframe mounts.

Following the demonstration, the company will finish the new engine design’s final qualification process.

In October last year, Honeywell finalised an updated version of the legacy T55 engine for the US Army’s Chinook heavy-lift helicopters.