Hensoldt is set to deliver its Spexer 2000 3D radar for the German Army‘s Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS).  

Under a contract, the company will supply ten Spexer third-generation systems to system integrator Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. 

In December 2019, Kongsberg reached a contract with Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment (BAAINBw) to deliver a C-UAS based on the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station. 

The radar is being supplied as part of the German Army’s ‘qualified air defence’ drone defence programme.  

Deliveries will commence later this year.  

Once delivered, the system will help meet the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) 2023 requirements. 

The contract to Hendsoldt was awarded following a test firing at the Baumholder military training area.  

Hendsoldt’s Spexer 2000 3D radar will be integrated for UAS detection and tracking. 

During demonstrations, the radar displayed ability to detect ‘small targets’ even in ‘very demanding scenarios’. 

Micro-drones have a small radar cross-section, high manoeuvrability and high optical reconnaissance performance. These systems are a particular threat to land forces when mobile. 

Additionally, the new generation Spexer radar detects close-range small targets within ground-based air defence.  

Hendsoldt’s system can detect and classify air and ground targets such as helicopters, combat aircraft and armoured vehicles.  

To date, more than 150 systems of the previous generations of Spexer radar system have been delivered and are operational with customers globally.  

In September last year, Hensoldt delivered a Multifunctional Self-protection System (MUSS) equipment set for integration into the German Army’s new Puma infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).