Hensoldt has received an order to supply additional BAA II surveillance and reconnaissance platforms for the German Army.

As part of the €13.3m order, the company will deliver 30 units of BAA II for Fennek light armoured reconnaissance vehicle (LARV) operated by Joint Fire Support Teams (JFST).

The BAA II features a high-resolution CCD camera and ATTICA, a cooled third-generation thermal imager.

It is also equipped with an eye-safe laser rangefinder and a laser target illuminator, which will allow the soldier to mark, illuminate and assign targets.

Both ATTICA and the CCD daytime camera offer four fields of view to provide the viewer with a broad overview, as well as the possibility to recognise minute details.

“Delivery of the BAA II systems is expected to begin in February 2019.”

The surveillance and reconnaissance system’s modern image fusion function allows combining the data of the thermal imager with those of the daytime camera, enabling soldiers to recognise details not visible to the human eye.

The target data identified by the BAA II can be processed by the ADLER combat and weapon control system (CWCS).

Using the BAA II, users will be able to recognise targets at a distance of up to 16km and to accurately identify them at up to 5km.

The BAA II’s new image processing software eliminates the need to watch the screen continuously.

The system’s automatic motion detection supports the soldier when monitoring the battlefield for a long time and warns him, if and when a potential threat approaches.

Delivery of the BAA II systems is expected to begin in February 2019.

The order also covers the delivery of 35 rear view cameras (RFK II) that support the driver of the Fennek JFST in driving forwards and backwards safely even in adverse conditions.

The integration of all optronic devices is expected to be completed by 2022.