The German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has contracted Hensoldt for the airborne electronic signals intelligence system Pegasus.

The system will be used by the Bundeswehr, the unified armed forces of Germany, to strengthen its combat capabilities.

The company has not disclosed the exact value of the billion-dollar contract.

Hensoldt Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions Division head and strategy head Celia Pelaz said: “We have developed the modular and high-performance Hensoldt reconnaissance solution Kalaetron on the basis of the already flight-proven isis reconnaissance system.

“Kalaetron offers unique reconnaissance capabilities based on powerful German key technology. Pegasus thus forms the core for a sovereign reconnaissance network and the basis for future capability development in the field of self-protection and electronic warfare.”

The contract will include the development, manufacturing and incorporation of the signal-capturing reconnaissance system.

The project is supported by nearly 30 German companies, including medium-sized firms that will serve as suppliers and partners.

As a general contractor, Hensoldt will manufacture the full reconnaissance technology.

Pegasus will be integrated on Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft. Lufthansa Technik will manage the procurement of three aircraft and related evaluation stations from Bombardier.

It is also responsible for aircraft modification works such as cabin conversion and reconnaissance technology installation.

Hensoldt CEO Thomas Müller said: “PEGASUS is of great industrial policy importance for Germany as a whole as a high-tech location. The overall responsibility for the system lies in Germany and the value creation largely takes place through national companies.

“This gives the Bundeswehr unrestricted access to all the technologies used.”