Sensor specialist Hensoldt has secured an order, valued at over €100m, to supply six TRML-4D radars to bolster Ukraine’s air defence capabilities and enhance its air surveillance network.

The radars will be delivered in the second half of this year, following comprehensive training for Ukrainian operators.

The TRML-4D radar, equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array technology (AESA), has advanced capabilities that enable the early identification of various aerial threats, including aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles.

With the ability to detect and track up to 1,500 targets within a radius of 250km, the TRML-4D ensures situational awareness and response measures. Hensoldt introduced the TRML-4D ground-based air defence radar in 2018.

Thomas Müller, CEO of Hensoldt, said: “We are pleased to support Ukraine with six additional TRML-4D radars, which will further strengthen Ukraine’sUkraine’s air surveillance and air defence sensor network.

The information from the TRML-4D feeds into Ukraine’sUkraine’s national air situation picture, protecting Ukrainian citizens. We are proud to be able to deliver this much-needed equipment at short notice.”

Hensoldt’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’sUkraine’s air defence system is not new. The company already has multiple TRML-4D radars under contract for Ukraine as part of the IRIS-T SLM air defence system.

This latest order reaffirms Hensoldt’s partnership with Ukraine and its dedication to providing radar technology for enhanced national security.

In addition to the TRML-4D radar, Hensoldt offers a portfolio of air surveillance and security solutions. The Twinvis passive radar, the Spexer product family, and radars designed to safeguard ship and air traffic are among the company’scompany’s unique offerings.

Hensoldt’s track record includes supplying radars for frigates and corvettes of the German Navy and supporting airspace surveillance and approach control at airfields of the German Armed Forces.

The TRML-4D radar’sradar’s utilization of AESA technology, coupled with its digitally shaped beam capabilities, empowers operators with precision and rapid response capabilities.

With the delivery of the six TRML-4D radars and the comprehensive training of Ukrainian operators, Hensoldt will enhance Ukraine’s air surveillance network, bolstering its national security and safeguarding its airspace from potential threats.

James Marques, aerospace, defence, and security analyst at GlobalData, concluded: “These radars have a pulse-doppler mode, which is a type of radar operation that can detect low-flying targets much better, and for the TRML in particular, it’s helicopters and cruise missiles.

Advanced radars like these can search for targets in two different ”modes” at once, which helps Ukraine scan different parts of the sky to see multiple types of targets (planes, missiles, drones) at once.”