German defence manufacturing company Heckler & Koch has signed an agreement to deliver pistols to the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Under the agreement, Heckler & Koch will deliver SFP9 SF Paddle pistols to Lithuania. The €1.57m agreement also requires the company to provide the necessary training for personnel to operate the new weapons.

The acquisition of the new pistols is part of Lithuania’s plan to equip soldiers with modern equipment.

Induction of SFP9 SF Paddle pistols will help the armed forces switch from using different calibres to a uniform calibre 9x19mm pistol ammunition replacing weapons that are out of resources and putting usable ones into reserves.

Currently, the Lithuanian Armed Forces use Austrian GLOCK 17, American COLT 1911 and Czech ČZ75 pistols.

The German pistol was picked from models of thirteen manufacturers following comprehensive testing under various conditions and situations.

The new pistols are expected to be delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces by next year. The agreement also includes the option for Lithuania to procure additional weapons, based on requirements.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces has stepped up efforts for the modernisation of the military.

After reaching the minimum 2% GDP financing provided for in the commitments to Nato, several projects were launched, including procurement of infantry fighting vehicles and modern artillery systems.

Recently, Germany signed an agreement to support design works for new ammunition storage facilities in the military units of Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Under the agreement, Germany will invest up to €500,000 for the initiative.