The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has signed an additional contract with Bundeswehr Clothing Management (BwBM) for additional personal equipment and clothing for soldiers.  

The contract, valued at more than €2.3bn, is aimed at enhancing the operational and defence capabilities of the German armed forces.

The procurement of personal equipment and combat clothing will run through to 2025.

During this period, as many as 313,000 sets of combat clothing, 351,000 MOBAST protective vest systems, 313,000 helmets, and 338,000 backpack systems with a 110 litre capacity will be supplied to the German soldiers.

MOBAST is a modular ballistic protection and equipment carrying system designed to ensure soldiers’ comfort and protection.

The body armour system includes a protective vest, ballistic underwear, and pouches to carry magazines and equipment. It also includes modular splinter protection elements.

The latest lightweight vest system is set to replace the previous armour and load-bearing equipment used by the Bundeswehr.

Modular features of the combat clothing enable personnel to use them in any operational scenario across different climate zones.

In addition, the new ‘full cut’ model combat helmet provides protection against ballistic effects and meets tactical requirements.

Equipment such as headsets, hearing protection, and night vision devices can be easily attached to the new model.

The new 110L backpack system also enhances the soldiers’ comfort.

It includes a backpack, a daypack with a capacity of more than 50L, and side pockets. The latest model enables personnel to customise parts of the backpack to meet different needs.

The hard struts of the backpack can be removed to fit it into a vehicle’s storage compartment.

Apart from keeping active troops fully equipped in advance, the contract also aims to equip reservists.

Regular tests will be carried out to check the safety and comfort of the new equipment.