Germany is reportedly planning to procure 60 CH-47F Chinook heavy transport helicopters in a bid to strengthen its armed forces.

Reuters stated that the potential €5bn ($5.4bn) deal was reported by the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, citing government sources.

The Chinooks will replace the ageing Sikorsky-made CH-53G helicopters. The deliveries are expected to be made between 2025 and 2026.

The CH-47F helicopter is the upgraded version of the CH-47D.

According to The Boeing website, the CH-47F is equipped with a fully integrated digital cockpit management system and a Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) Cockpit.

The helicopter design also exhibits some changes in the airframe structure to reduce vibrations, as well as other structural enhancements.

The aircraft can be used to transport troops, supplies, and military equipment. It can also support search and rescue, disaster relief, medical evacuation, and other operations.

It is currently used by the US Army and several other forces. Last year, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) received the first two of four CH-47F Chinooks.

In the report, Bild am Sonntag said that German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht will inform the parliament of the procurement decision soon. Despite this, a Defence Ministry spokesperson said the purchase decision has not been yet made.

The procurement is expected to be funded from a planned special military fund of €100bn.

Earlier this year, Boeing received an order to deliver additional MH-47G Block II Chinook helicopters for the US Army Special Operations Aviation Command (USASOAC).

The $195m order will involve the delivery of six MH-47G Block II Chinooks.