The US Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) has secured full system deployment authorisation for the Global Combat Support System-Army’s (GCSS-Army) Enterprise Aviation software.    

The authority granted by Army acquisition executive (AAE) Douglas R Bush enables the GCSS-Army team to implement its software at all Army Aviation units across the globe.

The latest authorisation follows six limited GCSS-Army deployments, which were delivered on time and within budget.

According to PEO EIS, the Enterprise Aviation solution was developed and tested in coordination with stakeholder organisations.

Under full deployment, the GCSS-Army Aviation Logistics team will initially train over 51,000 product users from 395 Army Aviation units at 170 locations.

Following this, the team will take up the system acquisition and fielding process that is expected to continue through to September 2023.

The solution will provide the aviation units with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help them handle tactical logistics and finances in near real-time.

The solution, which offers visibility into Army aviation assets and readiness, will also enable commanders and senior leaders to make better decisions regarding the assets and supply chain.

PEO EIS Defense Integrated Business Systems project manager Kevin Curry said: “The AAE’s full deployment decision is a major milestone for the programme and the Army.

“The GCSS-Army team’s ability to deliver this capability on schedule given tight budgetary constraints is nothing short of amazing.”

The GCSS-Army Aviation Logistics team also expects to receive authority to provide capability support for Enterprise Aviation in September next year.