The Finnish Defence Forces has announced that it will carry out the Army Combined Joint Fires Exercise from 16 to 27 November.

It will be conducted in the Rovajärvi Live Fire and exercise range.

The annually organised exercise aims to train troops in planning and commanding effects and joint fires and artillery system.

The Army’s Combined Fires Exercise will be led by the Army Academy and commanded by Army Academy commandant colonel Kari Pietiläinen.

Pietiläinen said: “This exercise develops the joint fires system and tests the chain of command for effects and fires.”

During the exercise, several indirect fire weapons’ firings will be carried out using armoured howitzer 155 PSH K9 FIN (K9 Thunder), artillery guns, model 155K83-97, 152K89, and 122H63.

It will also include firings from 298mm heavy rocket launcher.

The exercise will see participation from 4,100 personnel from the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Defence Forces.

Troops will be split into detachments during the exercise and will be spread over a huge area. They will be accommodated majorly in tents and will be provided with meals in small groups in the field.

Rovajärvi exercise area is said to be one of Europe’s largest military training areas and is spread over an area of 1,070km².

Personnel will implement different safety precautions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with the exercise, the rescue services readiness exercise PVPETO 20 will focus on creating operating necessities of the rescue personnel of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Earlier this month, the Finnish Defence Forces planned to procure night vision devices from local firm Senop to enhance its fighting capabilities in low light conditions.