The procurement authority of the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) is upgrading and expanding the Leguan bridge layer fleet for the Finnish Army.

Work on the project is being carried out by German-French defence technology group KNDS member Krauss-Maffei Wegmann under a contract signed with Finland-based general contractor for the project, Patria Land Systems.

With the project, Finland becomes the sixth user to introduce the ability to lay short Leguan bridges, thereby upgrading all systems with respect to performance and future viability.

In addition to the Leguan bridge layer fleet, the FDF has ordered the delivery of equipment packages and support services in the construction of four additional Leguan systems with a Leopard 2 chassis main battle tank.

“Krauss-Maffei Wegmann will perform the work under the contract next year and in 2020.”

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann will perform the work under the contract next year and in 2020.

The bridge layer system is currently used by 17 countries across the globe, providing interoperability in addition to suitable framework conditions for cooperation in receiving and refining the system.

Deployed with a number of armed forces and Nato allies, the Leguan bridge layer is a consequent and continued development of the armoured bridge laying system Biber.

The Leguan solution can be used to configure one 26m-long bridge or two bridges, each with a length of 14m. The width of the obstacles to be overcome can be up to 24m or 12m correspondingly.

As well as being used as a regular bridge, the Leguan bridge layer can also be deployed as a floating bridge or ferry.