The Finnish Ministry of Defence has decided to procure additional M17 plate carrier vests and equipment pocket sets for infantry soldiers. 

The move is aimed at providing the country’s Defence Forces personnel with enhanced personal ballistic protective gear.      

Apart from improving service safety in training and crisis situations, the protective gear also strengthens the capabilities and combat endurance of soldiers.

The Defence Forces will buy the protective vests from local company CPE Production. The purchase deal, without value added tax (VAT), is valued at over €7m.

Another company, Finn-Savotta, will deliver equipment pocket sets to the defence forces. The procurement of the pocket sets is worth €13m, without VAT.

The equipment pocket sets will allow personnel to attach personal combat equipment, including weapon magazines, grenades, and first aid equipment, to their protective vests.     

The sets are suitable for protective vests and all varieties of load carrying vests with straps.

The M05-based pocket sets will also provide increased camouflage effects for a soldier’s equipment.

The procurement will be funded by the government’s supplementary budget. The budget will also provide additional funding to purchase rapidly launched defence materiel.

In addition, funds from the national defence development programme have also been used for the latest purchase.

Earlier this year, the Finnish Defence Forces entered into an agreement with Patria to purchase pre-series Patria 6×6 vehicles.

The acquisition is part of the joint 6×6 vehicle programme between Latvia, Finland, Estonia, and Patria.