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The Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that it will provide an additional military assistance package, comprising sniper weapons and special forces equipment, to Ukraine.

The new decision comes after the MoD’s additional military aid tranche proposal received support from members of the Estonian government on 16 March.

Valued at approximately €494,300, the new assistance package will include the delivery of sniper rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and ammunition.

Special forces equipment under this package include sights, thermal cameras, binoculars, patrol boats, and individual and specialist equipment.

Simultaneously, Estonia will also donate medical equipment for the Ukrainian forces.

Once delivered, the additional equipment is expected to enhance the training and wartime capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in battle against Russian troops.

Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur said: “Yesterday, during the Ramstein format meeting with our allies, we discussed the current state of aid to Ukraine, and it is clear that there is no time left to lose in supporting Ukraine.

“Our major initiative is aimed at the joint procurement of a million artillery shells by the European Union, but smaller, precisely targeted aid packages must also be continued.

“Hence today’s decision to direct this aid package, as a continuation of the previous one, specifically at special forces equipment and snipers.”

So far, the country has delivered approximately €400m of military equipment, platforms, and weapons to Ukraine. This amount is over 1% of Estonia’s gross domestic product.

Last year, the Estonian MoD approved the delivery of additional anti-tank and artillery ammunition, as well as armoured vests and winter uniforms for the Ukrainian soldiers.

Estonia, in collaboration with the Netherlands and Norway, is also donating a field hospital to Ukraine. This effort is valued at approximately €7.8m.