Estonia has joined Finland and Latvia in a development programme that seeks to deliver an armoured vehicle platform.

The move comes nearly four months after the three countries signed a letter of intent (LoI) to explore the possibility of jointly developing an armoured vehicle that will improve mobility.

In January this year, Finland and Latvia entered a technical arrangement to launch the development while Estonia joined the programme this week.

The programme aims to deliver a vehicle system that will improve mobility, cost-efficiency and interoperability for the armies of the participating nations.

The Finnish Ministry of Defence permanent secretary Jukka Juusti said: “It is important, that we continue defence cooperation also during these times of epidemic and crisis.

“We are very pleased that Estonia is now also part of this development programme.”

The participating nations have selected a Patria 6×6 armoured wheeled vehicle chassis platform for the development.

The selection is said to be based on national and multinational evaluations, and it meets the set capability requirements.

Patria 6×6 platform is a terrain mobility vehicle that can be used for several missions, including peacekeeping and transportation of troops.

The vehicle can have up to three crew members and can transport up to ten combat troops.

Following Finland and Latvia’s signing of the agreement, Patria Land business unit president Jussi Järvinen said: “Patria 6×6 vehicle is our top-notch product combining excellent terrain mobility and ease of use.

“Long lifespan and easy maintenance make it very cost-efficient. It adapts into several missions.”