Aerospace firm Embraer has announced the delivery of the first two upgraded SABER M60 radars to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Brazilian Army .    

The army will integrate the SABER M60 2.0 version with its anti-aircraft artillery units.

The company also secured a new contract to supply four more radars of the same model.

As part of the Brazilian Army’s 2020-2023 Strategic Planning initiative, the low-altitude anti-aircraft artillery radar was manufactured in a partnership between the country and Embraer .

Already in service with the army, the SABER M60 was technologically modernised to version 2.0 in 2019.   

The M60, attached to a low-altitude anti-aircraft defence system, helps safeguard critical infrastructure, including factories, power plants, and government structures.

The radar is easy to transport and can be assembled in 15 minutes.

Equipped with 3D technology, it offers a range of 32 nautical miles and an altitude exceeding 16,400ft.

The search radar can track nearly 60 targets at a time, including automatic target detection and classification.

The radar’s Low Probability Interception (LPI) technology enables it to track targets, without being easily identified.

It can also be reconfigured to suit missile-based weapon systems, anti-aircraft cannons, and other air defence systems such as the Brazilian Aerospace Defence System.

 Headquartered in Brazil, Embraer has so far delivered nearly 8,000 aircraft to its customers.  

The company’s industrial units, offices, and service centres are spread across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In December 2021, the Brazilian Army and Embraer launched the SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar, the newest addition to the Saber family, to support the country’s anti-aircraft defence units.