Israel-based company ELTA Systems has received orders for the delivery of counter-battery radars to the Finnish Defence Forces.

The contract award follows the mandate Finland’s Defence Forces Logistics Command received from Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö.

The delivery order will also include training for the systems and spare parts in addition to the radar systems.

The contract comes with options that can be exercised for additional systems.

Last year in spring, the Finnish Defence Forces conducted testing of the selected counter-battery radars after an international tender process that saw the participation of six to seven companies.

The Finland Defense Ministry said that ELTA’s system ‘excelled in the tendering process’ and met its requirements.

“The systems can be used to detect enemy firing units for counter-battery activities, fire observing and air surveillance.”

Deliveries of the radar systems under the contract will be carried out in 2021.

The Finnish Defence Forces’ strategic partner in maintenance Millog and ELTA Systems’ representative in Finland Telva will be responsible for the provision of systems maintenance services.

Being procured as part of its armed forces modernisation programme, the multi-role counter radars will strengthen the Finnish Army’s firepower.

The systems can be used to detect enemy firing units for counter-battery activities, fire observing and air surveillance.

In a separate development, Patria Aviation will deliver services for lifecycle support for the Finnish Defence Forces’ military aviation and maritime defence systems as well as for intelligence, surveillance and command and control systems. The value of the contract is €80.1m.

The Defence Forces’ Logistic Command also entered similar contracts worth €9.8m with Insta Group and €5.1m with Combitech.