Elistair has developed the Orion 2 tethered unmanned system for military, government, and industry users.

The drones provide round-the-clock surveillance for 24 hours at a time.

Elistair CTO and co-founder Timothée Penet said: “Small, unmanned multi-rotor systems are great if you want a hover-and-stare capability, but they’re also notoriously short on battery life.

“Powered tethering stations, like our Safe 2 and Ligh-T 4, offer a solution by increasing a platform’s time in the air, and that’s great for many missions. But what if you need to be on station for a whole day?”

Orion 2 is claimed to be a lightweight and durable hexacopter designed to function as a quick-deploy system. It can stay in the air for 24 hours.

Elistair R&D Director Pierre-Moana Levesque added: “We developed redundancies at every level to ensure that the Orion 2 could stay up that long.

“For example, we made it IP54, we optimised the lifespan of the components, including the motors, and we added a safety battery that could recharge in the air.”

The hexacopter has a micro-tether of 330ft, and flies at higher levels and monitors a larger area compared with the previous version.

Additionally, it can carry payloads of up to 2kg, which allows it to serve as an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and telecom platform simultaneously.

It can also communicate the georeferenced electro-optical and infrared imagery and deploy 4G/5G communications nodes due to the fibre optics cable option.