The US Army has placed an order with Elbit Systems of America to supply it with night vision goggle-binocular (ENVG-B) systems.

The approximately $54m second production order also includes provision of spare parts, logistics support and test equipment for the US Army.

This order is part of an other transaction authority (OTA) contract, which the company announced in October last year. The OTA could reach a maximum value of some $442m.

Overall time frame for a performance of the OTA contract was not disclosed by the US Army.

Elbit Systems of America president and CEO Raanan Horowitz said: “Elbit Systems of America’s ENVG-Bs provides warfighters with unprecedented situational awareness during limited visibility conditions, increased lethality through faster target acquisition and other game-changing advantages on the battlefield.

“We are eager to support the US Army’s transition to higher ENVG-B production rates, which will create additional jobs at our Roanoke facility, and throughout our extended US-based supply chain, generating a positive economic impact in the communities they reside.”

The order will be executed at the company’s Roanoke facility in Virginia, US. The ENVG-B systems’ delivery to the army will continue until February 2023.

The ENVG-B platform provides troops with an overmatch capability that integrates heads-up situational awareness to own the networked battlefield.

In June, Elbit Systems of America received two task orders to upgrade US Army’s AN/AVS-6 Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS).