Israel-based technology company Elbit Systems has secured two contracts to modernise main battle tanks (MBTs) for an international customer.    

The contracts jointly are valued at $240m.

While the first contract, worth $60m, requires the company to complete works over two years, the second order, worth $180m, is scheduled to be delivered in over four years. 

As part of the contracts, Elbit Systems will not only provide upgrades to the MBTs, but also deliver the latest electronic suites.

Specifications about the technology, contractor, and the country have not been disclosed.

Elbit Systems president and CEO Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis said: “There is a renewed interest from militaries looking to improve the operational capabilities of their armoured platforms.

“I believe that Elbit Systems is uniquely positioned to address the growing demand in this market due to our ability to provide comprehensive solutions.”

Elbit Systems caters to the needs of defence and homeland security, as well as commercial programmes worldwide.

The company offers its solutions to a wide range of areas including aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance.

It also works on upgrading various platforms and providing support services including training and simulation systems.

In July this year, Elbit Systems received a $548m contract to provide the armed forces of an Asia-Pacific nation with multi-domain, combat networked, warfare capabilities. 

Under the four-year contract, Elbit Systems will deliver an integrated solution that consists of ELBIT TIGER-X networking middleware and a TORCH-X based suite of airborne, land, and ship-borne command and control applications.