The Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a contract to Revision Military to supply next-generation combat helmet system for the Dutch Military Forces.

Revision will deliver around 48,800 Batlskin Viper P6N helmet systems.

The company won the contract following a full and open competition.

In addition, Revision will provide maintenance and support for 15 years until 2034.

Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay said: “Our experienced team of engineers and designers worked with the latest materials to build a user-centric system that offers better protection, optimised fit, reduced weight, and enhanced integration options.

“Combined, these features ultimately lead to improved operational effectiveness for the soldier. The Dutch MoD’s move to Revision’s Viper P6N system follows the trend started by Denmark and the UK to upgrade their programmes to Revision’s next-generation helmets and we expect other Nato countries will follow suit.”

The firm stated that the Viper P6N bespoke helmet system will meet the performance standards and weight requirements set by the Dutch MoD.

The helmet represents an advancement over the existing helmet used by the forces.

The Dutch project lead was quoted in DMO Magazine, Materieel Gezien, as saying: “The current version [Dutch helmet] dates from the early 1990s and is in urgent need of replacement.

“The helmet from Revision Military was the best in the tests. Among other things, the helmets received the highest rating from the users in the test group.”

Viper P6N is a lightweight, integrated helmet system that was built using advanced materials, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

The systems supplied to the Dutch Military Forces will be equipped with Revision’s APEX Liner system.

Additionally, the helmet systems will have accessories such as lightweight skeletonised accessory rails and the Wilcox L4 Shroud.

Revision expects to begin deliveries under the contract later this year.