Diehl Defence has received a contract to support the development and production of a new mobile ground-based air defence system for Norway.

The company will provide its IRIS-T short-range air-to-air missiles for the system proposed to be built for the Norwegian Army.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is the primary contractor for the new air defence system.

The company was awarded a contract last month by the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency to deliver the air defence system under a direct procurement process.

IRIS-T air-to-air missiles are already in use by the Norwegian Air Force. They are designed to support both ground and air-launched applications.

The missiles are intended to be fired from Diehl Defence’s advanced IRIS-T SLS missile launcher.

The company supplies the IRIS-T SLS ground-based air defence system to the Swedish Army. The system’s firing units were recently handed over to the Swedish Armed Forces’ Air Defence Regiment.

Under the contract, Diehl Defence will also help Kongsberg integrate the IRIS-T SLS system in the overall system architecture.

In a statement, Diehl Defence said: “Norway is now the second country after Sweden, which employs IRIS-T SLS to safeguard its airspace. The new system will provide a unique capability to protect the Norwegian forces during their manoeuvre operations.”

The new short-range mobile ground-based air defence system for the Norwegian Army will feature key elements from the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) system.