Oshkosh Defense has received a $1.69bn order from the US Army for the delivery of 6,107 joint light tactical vehicles (JLTV) and related kits as part of a contract signed in August 2015.

The JLTV is expected to enter full-rate production in December, while service entry is scheduled for January.

Oshkosh Defense has delivered approximately 2,600 combat multi-role vehicles to date.

The Government of Egypt’s foreign military sale (FMS) request for ten AH-64E attack helicopters along with 24 units of the 1700 GE-701D turbo-shaft engines, navigations systems, and 24 Honeywell GPS navigation systems has been approved by the US State Department.

The $1bn FMS includes 24 M299 Hellfire digital missile launchers, 135 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, 12 night-vision sensors, 12 AAR-57(V) common missile warning systems, five AGM-114R M36E9 captive air training missiles, M230 30mm automatic guns, AN/APR- 39D radar warning receivers, and technical services.

Primary contractors for the proposed deal will be Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric Company, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors, and Raytheon.

The US Army Contracting Command (ACC) has awarded a $217.67m hybrid contract to Harris for providing support services.

The company will be responsible for monitoring, configuring and maintaining the communications operational management system network of the wideband satellite.

Contractual work will be performed at various locations in the US, as well as in Fort Buckner in Japan and Landstuhl in Germany until July 2027.

A $201m FMS of 120mm tank rounds to Egypt has been approved by the US State Department.

“Israeli weapons maker IMI Systems has been acquired by Elbit Systems for approximately $495m.”

The proposed sale includes 46,000 M831A1, M865 rounds, 10,000 APFSDS-T rounds, testing, inspections, spares, support equipment, filed support publications, and technical data services.

It also covers quality assurance team support services, field implementation, and preparation for shipment and delivery of ammunition.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is the prime contractor of the deal.

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District (FED) has awarded a $100m contract to Tetra Tech for providing architect-engineer services for the US Department of Defense agencies in the Republic of Korea.

Tetra Tech will provide planning and construction management services along with site investigations, preparation of engineering studies, conceptual designs, and full design documents.

It will also offer support services for the design of new structures, upgrade and enhancement of the existing infrastructure, and adoption of the latest technical advancements in water delivery systems.

Tetra Tech will also aid the progress of sustainability and resilience in design and incorporation of Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design (LEED) features into projects.

German integrated technology group Rheinmetall AG has agreed to acquire Wegmann Unternehmens-Holdings’ interest in KMW+ Nexter Defense Systems, a defence company based in the Netherlands.

Israeli weapons maker IMI Systems has been acquired by Elbit Systems for approximately $495m.

Elbit Systems has also agreed to pay an additional $27m to IMI Systems upon meeting certain performance goals.