The UK Government’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), along with the Ministry of Defence (MoD), is inviting proposals for phase two of the metasurface technology competition.

The competition is looking for companies that can harness advances in metasurface technology to maintain an electromagnetic tactical advantage for the front-line.

DASA intends to integrate the innovative solutions into devices and onto platforms to maintain ‘effectiveness in the increasingly congested electromagnetic environment’.

In a statement, DASA said: “Advantage may be realised by sensing and communication superiority over an adversary. This applies equally to enhancing your own capabilities, degrading those of your adversaries, or being better able to differentiate your own signals from those in the congested environment.”

The advanced metasurfaces technology is expected to provide an improved understanding of the battlefield and facilitate secure communication by allowing better control of electromagnetic waves.

In addition, the solution will cut costs and reduce device footprint.

The competition seeks to invite experts in the private sector and academia to help develop the innovations.

Under the first phase of the competition, DASA awarded contracts to nine companies.

Companies looking to participate in phase two will have to submit proposals incorporating metasurface science for applications in defence and security.

The final round of the phase will require companies to make a practical demonstration of the work to defence and security end users.

DASA added: “We are keen to promote teaming between organisations from across industry, academia, and broader supply chains to develop the role of metasurfaces in relevant applications.”

The metasurfaces competition phase two is set to be launched at a demonstration day for phase one next month.

The organisation will provide at least £500,000 in funding for the second phase. Contracts are expected to be awarded by February / March next year.