Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric, which provides services to defence and space industries, has suffered a cyberattack believed to have leaked data related to government agencies and other business partners.

As reported by The Japan Times, the information leaked might include email exchanges with the Japanese Defense Ministry and the Nuclear Regulation Authority.

Additionally, documents related to projects in partnership with private firms were also compromised.

A Chinese cybercrime group is presumed to be behind the attack, which came when Mitsubishi Electric was in the process of strengthening its cybersecurity business.

As part of the move, the company has been providing services on protection at data centres, office buildings and public facilities since last July.

Following the cyberattack, personal data on more than 8,000 people, including employees, retirees and job-seekers, is believed to have been leaked.

However, the company stated in reports quoted in the Japanese media that no highly sensitive information related to defence or other infrastructure operations breached.

Mitsubishi Electric carried out an internal investigation in June last year after it spotted irregular activity on devices in Japan.

Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told media sources: “They have confirmed there is no leak of sensitive information regarding defence equipment and electricity.”

The company, involved in cybersecurity, has been providing cybersecurity services to public facilities and private companies, since last July.

In September 2011, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was the victim of a cyber-attack, targeting Japanese data about missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants.