Cubic Defence New Zealand has received a contract to provide simulation-enabled collective training capability for the Australian Army.

The capability is set to be made available at the Australian Army Combat Training Centre based in Townsville, North Queensland. It will cover all training activities.

The company will deliver the capability in partnership with Cubic Defence Australia. Both companies are part of Cubic Global Defense business division.

The simulation system will allow soldiers to prepare for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear defence (CBRND) missions.

Cubic Defence Australia and New Zealand general manager Miles Macdonald said: “Cubic’s capability includes simulation of detection, casualty status, treatment and weather impacts.

“The system is capable of projecting synthetic CBRN effects over large numbers of soldiers exercising on Australia’s training areas, enabling highly realistic scenarios to be exercised under simulated battlefield conditions.”

The CBRND training sub-system is designed to project simulated CBRN threats to live instrumented soldiers in the exercise environment, the company said.

Macdonald added: “This training capability allows commanders and their units to experience the tactical and logistical impacts of operations in a CBRN threat environment.

“It’s about enabling soldiers to realistically undertake threat identification, to test their mitigation and decontamination procedures and to understand the consequence of a threat and their own actions within the safety of a training environment.”

Cubic provides live instrumented training capability to armed forces around the world.

The company’s simulated training solutions replicate the combat environment. They are designed to provide performance assessment.

Last month, Cubic Defence Australia won a contract extension to continue supporting the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) Simulation Support Services (SSS).