The Canadian Government has awarded a contract to Cubic Global Defense for the delivery of an urban operations training system (UOTS) into the Canadian Weapon Effects Simulation (CWES) environment.

Valued at more than $27m, the task authorisation was awarded by the Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) on behalf of the country’s Department of National Defence.

Under the deal, the company will be responsible for integrating the urban operations sites at the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown (CFB Gagetown) and the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) Wainwright with training capability.

This will help address the force-on-force training capability requirements of the Canadian Army.

Cubic Global Defense president Dave Buss said: “Cubic is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that deliver dynamic, effective training experiences to improve operational readiness and reduce training costs.

“Once delivered, the Canadian system will be one of the most advanced UOTS anywhere in the world.”

“Our solutions prepare warfighters to engage in the complex and constantly changing urban environment. We also help develop intuitive decision-making skills, so warfighters have the confidence to act appropriately and decisively.

“Once delivered, the Canadian system will be one of the most advanced UOTS anywhere in the world.”

The new operations training system will help track actions and events, collect and process UOTS training exercise data and control UOTS urban training devices.

Furthermore, the capability will provide exercise control staff with the capability to study and assess the results of the CWES exercises against objective Battle Task Standards.

This enables the trainees to receive timely after-action reviews which are specific to urban environments.

The company expects full acceptance of the UOTS capability at CFB Gagetown in October next year and at CMTC Wainwright in September 2020.