DroneShield ’s US subsidiary has announced its advancement from the US Army’s Phase II Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch) programme to Phase III.

xTechSearch is an opportunity for traditional and non-traditional small businesses to pitch novel technology solutions to the army. The programme seeks to allow selected private sector companies to partner with the service and help solve modernisation challenges.

The selection of DroneShield follows its successful completion of the Phase II evaluation process.

The Phase III evaluation process will be held at the 2020 Global Force Symposium & Exposition in Huntsville Alabama from 17 to 19 March.

The event will feature presentations and exhibits from the army, Department of Defense (DoD) and industry with a focus on the army’s future.

DroneShield has been selected for this programme for its portfolio of drone detection products integrated with artificial intelligence / machine learning algorithms.

Commenting on the progress, DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik said: “The US DoD continues to substantially ramp up its counter-unmanned aerial systems (UAS) work, with the recently reported decision to appoint the US Army as the DoD’s executive agent for its counter-UAS efforts.

“We are pleased to progress into the next phase of the xTechSearch process, allowing DroneShield further engagement with the US Army’s ecosystem, and growing our relationship with them towards their acquisition processes.”

US Army’s Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology is funding the xTechSearch programme.

Additionally, the xTechSearch programme provides research and infrastructure opportunities with army labs.

Vornik added: “This shortlisting continues to reinforce DroneShield’s proprietary technologies as market-leading capabilities in the counter-UAS space globally.”

In January this year, the US Army selected DroneShield for the Phase II development of xTechSearch programme.