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Industrial plant closures in the aviation supply chain, shipbuilding and small space launch, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, are affecting the US Department of Defense (DoD).

US businesswoman Ellen Lord said that several pockets of industrial base closures are affecting DoD, particularly in Mexico.

Lord added: “These companies are especially important for our US airframe production.”

The Defense Contract Management Agency is tracking the military’s industrial base for the large prime companies and also monitoring smaller vendors.

Out of 10,509 prime companies, 106 have been closed. However, 68 other companies closed, but have since reopened.

Out of 11,413 vendor-based companies, 427 have been closed, with 147 that had closed are now reopened.

The US DoD is also working with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for procurement of lifesaving supplies.

The $500m contract will provide supplies and medical equipment to service members and federal agencies.

Under this extended support, 60 decontamination systems that can sterilise up to 80,000 N95 masks per day are to be provided.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has provided 1.8 million N95 masks, 3.2 million nonmedical surgical masks, 54.8 million exam gloves, 8,000 ventilators and 275,000 isolation and surgical gowns.

Additionally, another three million face coverings have been ordered for DoD personnel.

Last week, the US Transportation Command moved three Covid-19 positive cases from Afghanistan to Germany using the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Transport Isolation System.