Artificial intelligence (AI) lifecycle platform provider Clarifai has formed a strategic collaboration with Palantir to support the first phase of the US Army’s ground station modernisation.

The partnership will see Clarifai deliver its AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms on Palantir’s data management platform.

The first phase of the initiative is in support of the army’s Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) programme.

The TITAN system is a portable ground station being developed to provide targetable data and enable swift assessment of threats from adversaries leveraging high-altitude, aerial and terrestrial layer sensors.

Clarifai CEO Matt Zeiler said: “By providing our Computer Vision AI solution to Palantir, Clarifai is helping the army leverage spatial, high altitude, aerial, and terrestrial data sources for use in intelligence and military operations.

“The partnership will offer a ‘turnkey’ solution that integrates data from various sources, including commercial and classified sources from space to ground sensors.”

Palantir secured a ‘Phase one project agreement’ via an other transaction agreement (OTA) with Consortium Management Group on behalf of Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace (C5).

During the first phase of the US Army initiative, Clarifai will support Palantir by providing ‘object detection models to facilitate the design of a ground station prototype solution’.

Results derived from the first phase will aid in deciding awards for future phases.

These results will also be used for the eventual production of ground stations for the TITAN enterprise.

US Army retired lieutenant general Robert Ashley said: “In order to target with great precision, we need to be able to see with great precision, and that’s the objective of this programme.

“The TITAN programme unifies ground stations to connect intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensors from all domains to accelerate communication and decision making.”