The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that British troops are participating in military manoeuvres being held in Nato’s newest member country, North Macedonia.

Approximately 3,000 personnel from eight Nato countries are training in the country as part of Exercise Swift Response.

The 2,000-member British contingent is formed from the 2 PARA Battlegroup. The unit is supported by artillery, engineers, logisticians, medics, and signallers from the 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team (BCT).

The Aviation Task Force 1 has also been provided with Apache attack helicopters and Chinook support helicopters.

The troops conducted joint training to develop their capabilities and build relationships. The military drills included infiltrating the Krivolak training range using parachutes to secure a simulated hostile territory, and then carry out an offensive mission.

16 Air Assault BCT Brigadier Nick Cowley said: “On Exercise Swift Response, 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team, alongside multiple Army and RAF units, has truly demonstrated the lethality, agility, and expeditionary capabilities of the Global Response Force.

“We have deployed thousands of miles across Europe to link up with our Nato allies to conduct arduous training, in a challenging environment, to make sure that we are ready to deploy on the most demanding missions at short notice.”

The multinational Exercise Swift Response is an annual military exercise led by the US Army, Europe, and Africa.

This year, simultaneous training exercises will be conducted across Europe to hone the capabilities of airborne units.

In total, 9,000 personnel from 17 Allied and partner nations are participating in the exercise.

Last month, the UK expanded the Boxer armoured vehicle programme. The expansion will provide the British Army with 100 additional Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicles (MIV).