British Army’s 2 Rifles Battlegroup has been deployed to Estonia for a six-month tour of duty as part of efforts to support European security.    

Deployed as part of a bilateral agreement between the two nations, the 2 Rifles Battlegroup will work alongside Estonian defence forces and focus on strengthening combat skills and readiness.

A light infantry regiment, the 2 Rifles Battlegroup includes three infantry companies and a fire support company. Artillery, engineering, logistic, and medical support elements are also attached to the battlegroup.

The regiment replaced the Royal Tank Regiment Battlegroup, which completed nine months on the eastern flank under Operation Cabrit, in support of Nato’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). It will lead the Agile Task Force (ATF).

During the next six months, the battlegroup will join the 2nd Estonian Infantry Brigade to hold training exercises across Poland, Finland, and the Baltic nations.

The exercise will focus on improving the integration, agility, and readiness of infantry units to help them operate in challenging terrains.

Commenting on the new deployment, Cabrit commander colonel Dai Bevan said: “The arrival of 2 Rifles Battlegroup in Estonia is a further demonstration of the UK’s support to Nato and the security of Europe.

“We are pleased to add to our force, a highly-trained and agile taskforce, who have a hard-won reputation for professional soldiering and excellence in close combat.”

The bilateral pact between UK and Estonia is aimed at supporting integration, countering threats, and displaying solidarity among European nations.