Soldiers from the British Army’s Royal Gibraltar (RG) Regiment have successfully completed a five-week-long exercise to train the Gambian Armed Forces (GAF).

The same was announced by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) via a media release on 18 March.

The completion of this exercise was marked by an official closing ceremony presided by GAF brigadier general Torro Jawneh, who presented awards to the top performing trainees. 

The objective of this training initiative, also referred to as ‘Train the Trainer’, was to develop and hone the capabilities of the GAF to support the training of its own soldiers to undertake various United Nations (UN) missions in the future.

Alongside RG Regiment’s Short-Term Training Team, a team of Royal Marine Medics was also deployed to train the GAF.

Royal Gibraltar is a part of the British Army’s Queen’s Division of Infantry, which was established in 1939 to safeguard the region. 

Held in the Republic of the Gambia, the training package comprised a series of training drills such as fieldcraft exercises and first aid training, among other activities.

During this course, the Gambian forces were provided with refresher work and were required to develop and deliver training lessons to their own soldiers in presence of the British personnel.

Soldiers of the participating GAF also underwent a realistic battle scenario.

The latest activity was performed as part of a broader UK MoD’s initiatives to build and enhance the capabilities of crucial partners across the African continent.

According to the UK MoD, this exercise in Gambia is the latest in the series of British Army deployments to Africa.