Boeing has secured a $265m order to deliver additional nine MH-47G Block II Chinook helicopters to the US Army Special Operations Aviation Command (USASOAC).

With the latest order, Boeing is now on contract to supply 24 MH-47G Chinooks. As agreed, Boeing will assemble the helicopters at its Philadelphia plant in the US.

Boeing vice-president and H-47 programme manager Andy Builta said: “The G-Model is a critical asset for the army, our nation, and the defence industrial base.

“We’re honoured that the army’s special operators trust us to deliver it.”

The MH-47G Block II Chinook is a sophisticated variant of the model with an upgraded structure. It also features new lighter weight fuel pods to improve performance, efficiency, and commonality across the fleet.

The new helicopters will enhance the capability of the US Army to undertake challenging missions.

Boeing employs more than 4,600 people in Pennsylvania to support H-47 Chinook, V-22 Osprey, MH-139A Grey Wolf and other programmes.

Recently, Boeing achieved a new milestone with the delivery of its 2,500th AH-64 Apache helicopter to the US Army.

The company achieved the milestone in 36 years after Boeing heritage company McDonnell Douglas delivered the first AH-64 A-model Apache to the US Army in 1984.

Earlier this year, Boeing also announced a $25bn bond deal to maintain cash flow during the Covid-19 crisis. The aerospace and defence company incurred a loss of $641m in the first quarter of this year.